BeeToGreen solution has been designed to work together with Forfait Mobilité Durable

Access to the platform is free of charge regardless of the number of employees.

First step :

Define your company contribution

The employer defines the contribution he wishes to put in place for each employee.

The Sustainable Mobility Package provides for € 500 / employee / year exempt from social charges for the employer and income tax for the employee.

Beyond that, it will be considered as a benefit in kind.

Second step :

Define the reimbursement method

The sworn statements, purchase or rental invoices and the monitoring of contributions are centralized on the platform in your company access.
3 options are available to you
so that your employees can benefit from this contribution:
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Integrated into the platform

The contribution is integrated into the platform for each employee in order to deduct it directly from the purchase or rental price of their bikes, insurance, maintenance (= on the invoice).

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Monthly or Yearly

Employees buy or rent their bikes on the platform at the list price and the employer then takes care of reimbursing them for the amount of the contribution directly on their payslip, monthly or annually.

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Provision of a mobility pass

The employer provides its employees with a mobility pass (eg Betterway, Swile, Edenred) on which the contribution is charged annually or monthly.

Employees use this title in the form of a credit card to pay for all or part of their purchase or rental on BeeToGreen.

If the amount of their purchase is greater than the contribution charged on their securities, the remainder is their responsibility.

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